Microsoft’s OneDrive Files Restore Feature Will Make Ransomware Recovery Easier

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Microsoft is soon about to add a new feature to their cloud storage service called OneDrive. Known as Files Restore, the said feature would allow users to rollback their OneDrive storage to any point back in time and recover files they might have accidentally deleted or encrypt by some ransomware.

The details about the upcoming OneDrive files restore feature were dropped during a SharePoint Saturday San Diego presentation by Stephen L Rose, OneDrive for Business Senior Product Manager.

Files Restore could arrive in the next couple of weeks, but it’s not known whether it would be available for the users of OneDrive for Business only or all OneDrive users.

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It appears very similar to how System Restore in Windows can be used to rollback a PC to an earlier system state to recover system settings and installed applications. The difference is that Microsoft is doing it for the files stored on OneDrive.

Certainly, users having the facility to recover files easily will motivate them to increase their use of cloud-based storage options. Although it might not be specifically intended, Files Restore could lessen the effects of ransomware attacks which prevent users from accessing their files until they agree to pay the ransom amount. However, users will have to enable cloud sync every time so that new files are regularly added to their cloud storage.

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