Best 10 WiFi cracking tools in Kali Linux

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These days, there are a lot of different tools that supposedly perform the same function. This couldn’t be truer of Kali Linux, which is loaded with different tools that will help peoplehack Wi-Finetworks. The only problem for novitiate hackers is awareness.
There are many would-be hackers and security enthusiast that can’t hack Wi-Fi networkssimply because they don’t know what software to use.


Aircrack-ng is perhaps one of the most widely known and utilized wireless cracking tools for Linux. Using this sophisticated yet intuitive software, even novices can learnhow to hack WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security protocols. It’s less of a program and really more of a suite of useful software that helps security professionals capture packets to break the handshaking protocol, bumpdevices from the wireless network to force them to reconnect (to facilitate andattack), perform dictionary and brute force attacks, and even inject packets into a wireless system. Within this suite of software, there are tools for the following:

*.Cracking wireless passwords (aircrack-ng).

*Generating traffic to de-authenticate connected wireless clients (aireplay-ng).

*Capture wireless packets (airodump-ng).

*Create fake access points (airbase-ng).

This software comes standard in the KaliLinux package, assuming that you choose to include the package in the installation process. If not, it can be downloaded and installed for free. The only caveat is that your wireless card needs to have packet injection functionality.


which is nearly as popular as aircrack-ng. It is a highly sophisticated tool that is aimed at breaking Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Not only can it perform brute force password attacks, but it can also recoverPINs for the WPA/WPA2 security algorithms. Believe it or not, most wireless devices in a home environment have WPS enabled by default, making Reaver incredibly practical.It’s not perfect, though. Patience is a virtue, and Reaver can typically crack a wireless router in 5 to 10 hours. The length of time depends on a variety of factors including password strength, wireless signal strength, and distance to the access point.


Though less famous than the preceding two tools, PixieWPS also targets WPS security flaws. Like Reaver, it leverages brute force attacks against WPS PINs to crack wireless networks, aptly named apixie dustattack. In the scope of securitytools, PixieWPS is relatively young, but it has garnered so much popularity that it deserves an honorable mention.


Wifite is yet another great tool to crack wireless networks using WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPS algorithms. However, there are a lot of different parameters to setup before a user can begin using the software. Although, like aircrack-ng, Wifite will do all the heavy lifting for you, making the attack process ludicrously simple. In fact, many would agree that the most tedious part of the process is setting up the software. Not only can it capture the algorithms’ handshakes and de-authenticate connected users, but it can also spoof an attacker’s MAC address.


Wireshark isn’t purely a wireless crackingtool per se. In fact, it is really a full featured packet sniffer that can be used on all of the major operating systems. Using this tool, users can capture data straight from the wire or grab wireless packets out of the air. As such, it is an extremely useful tool for those wishing to analyze and crack wireless networks. Though it is probably too advanced for novices to understand everything they are seeing in Wireshark, it is a handy wayto see each and every packet that is being transmitted.In addition, it has handy filtering features that allow an attacker to sift through different protocol data to analyze a user’s activities.Lastly, it is available on most major operating system platforms, and there is a GUI as well as a Linux command line interface.


Though it isn’t included in Kali Linux by default, it can capture handshakes and perform a variety of password attacks including dictionary and brute force. One of the real benefits of this tool is that an attacker can use their GPU cycles instead of their CPU to crack a password,thereby offloading the majority of the work and speeding up their local machine. However, it is only available for Linux and Windows, and there are some constraints regarding which GPU’s can be used, such as AMD and Nvidia cards.

Fern Wi-Fi Cracker:

Fern was written using Python, and it is an auditing tool in addition to a wireless cracker. While the majority of the preceding applications only have command line interfaces on Linux, Fern actually has a GUI interface. If you’re newto Linux and scared of the command line,Fern might be the best way to ease into cracking tutorials. Like several of the previous tools, it can crack WEP, WPA, and WPS. However, unlike several of the previously mentioned programs, it can even perform a man-in-the-middle attack.It, too, is included in Kali.


Wash is a little more simple than some of the preceding softwares. Instead of being a full featured cracking and sniffing suite of programs, it is a handy way to see if an access point has enabled WPS before carrying out an attack with another program. Furthermore, users can see if a targeted device, such as a wireless access point, has locked up after too many attempts with Reaver. Yet again, this tool is included wiTi.


Though it sounds like a candy bar, Crunch is actually a handy tool that includes features to help attackers and security professionals tailor wordlists than can be stored in a dictionary. You see, no word list will ever be comprehensive. The percentage chance of a successful attack therefore dependsupon the quality and size of the word list used. Plus, this tool can integrate with other programs such as aircrack-ng.


Macchanger is a small, simple, and effective tool that does one thing: it helps attackers spoof their MAC address(go figure). This will help attackers mask their true address when carrying out an attack, and it can even spoof a network card to a completely random addresse.

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